Insurance Advice

Insurance Advice Livingston

At Lothian Mortgage Services, we offer a range of insurance products from a panel of major insurance companies, including:
  • ​Building Insurance
  • ​Contents Insurance
  • ​Landlord Insurance
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  • Mortgage Protection Insurance
  • Life Assurance
  • Income Protection
All are offered at very competitive prices and unlike many companies the renewals will offer the most competitive prices.
If your requirements are for;
  • Non-standard construction [E.g. flat roof, listed building]
  • Poor claims history
  • Business use
  • Holiday and weekend homes only
Insuring your home can be confusing affair – do you go for the cheapest price and hope you are covered when a claim occurs? As most of us know from experience the cheapest is not usually the the best to have.

Personal Cover

We believe everyone should be supported if they’re ill and can’t work through quality financial protection which pays out when it matters. Why not ​ask Lothian Mortgage Services for a quote?
We use a panel of insurers that offer very competitive premiums and with different levels of protection. We supply you with a quote that will allow you to compare one insurance company against the other.